Friday, June 27, 2008

What is Man?

Psalm 144:3 asks, "O Lord, what is man, that Thou dost take knowledge of Him? Or the son of man, that Thou dost think of him?"

I ask as well: Lord, who am I that You love me as You do? Who am that You choose to use me? You certainly don't need me to do your work, yet You invite me to participate. What an amazing blessing!

Do you ever stop and think that the Lord of the universe, the Creator of all things thinks of you? The Sovereign of heaven and earth chooses to use you to grow His kingdom. Doesn't that amaze you?

God would do just fine without us--in fact, He would do much better! Yet, He loves us enough to give us joy as we watch Him work through us.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Planting Seeds

Don't you love how God speaks through a verse you've read before?

I recently started a study in the book of Mark. I've read this book before, but I've never really studied it chapter by chapter, verse by verse.

And today, I saw something new.

In Mark 4:26-30, Jesus tells a parable of a man planting seeds. He plants them, and then goes to bed. While he sleeps, the plants have begun to grow, but "how, he himself does not know." (NASB)

As I've mentioned in other entries, my husband, Russ, doesn't share my faith, and there are times when I wonder if he'll ever come to know the Lord. God is faithful, though, and when I face these times, He'll often bring verses to my heart. Like these.

When I read these verses today, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. This is what I wrote in my journal:

"Jesus described the kingdom of God 'like a man who casts seeks upon the soil.' He leaves the seeds, and plants spring up, but he doesn't know how. This tells me that we are to plant the seeds. God alone knows how the seeds will grow. This also reminds me that I need to continue to plant the seeds with Russ and wait for God to grow them. I can't save Russ just as I can't grow the seeds."

For all of you who are in spiritually mismatched, spiritually single, or unequally yoked (whichever phrase works for you) marriages, I hope this encourages you as it did me.

Continue to live as the godly wife you've been created to be, and plant those seeds. God will grow the plants. In His time.