Friday, June 10, 2016

What Guides You? (1 Timothy 1:8-11)

Today’s scripture: 1 Timothy 1:8-11

The law was written to guide us, to let us know how God wants us to live. When we study and meditate on God’s word, we learn to live rightly. Loving others. Serving God. Being kind and good. Gentle and patient.

And we learn how He does not want us to live. Don’t be wrathful or immoral. Or jealous. Or cause disputes. Or be drunk or carouse.

So why is there so much immorality? And jealousy? And fighting? And anger? And war? Because the majority of the world doesn’t even know God’s word. They’ve never heard God’s commands. They have no idea of how God desires they live.

The only way we can instruct others is to live out God’s commands. If we serve our community with joy, if we are kind and gentle, if we refuse to respond in anger, the world will be attracted to us. And then we can share God’s truth.

On the other hand, if we judge and point fingers and yell at our children and cheat on our tax, the world will, at best, think we’re just like them so why should they change. And at worst, their suspicions—that Christians are just hypocrites—will be confirmed.

Yes, the law was written to let the sinner know he sins. But it was also written so that, when we follow it, the sinner will see a difference in us. And will want that difference for himself.

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