Monday, September 26, 2016

Submit to Authorities? Really? (1 Peter 2:13-20)

Today’s scripture: 1 Peter 2:13-20

Oh, today’s verses can be really controversial. Submission to “every human institution.” That can be hard. Really hard. Especially during this very controversial presidential race.

But that’s what we’re commanded to do; it is the “will of God.” And why? Because by honoring and submitting to authority, we represent Christ.

And then we’re commanded to “be submissive to [our] masters.” Peter used terms that would have been familiar to his immediate audience, but we who are working for someone else need to respect and submit to our employers, even if our employer is “unreasonable.” Ah, this is convicting. Peter knew what we’d be thinking centuries later: Sure, I can submit and respect my boss if he’s good to me, but when he’s unreasonable? Not a chance.

We’re not given that “out.” We need to honor our employers no matter what. And why? Not only do we represent Christ by “patiently enduring” harsh or unfair treatment, but we also please our Father. Our behavior “finds favor with God.”

It’s not easy. We live in a society of fallen heroes, corrupt politicians, uncaring bosses. We work hard and try to live as Christ would, and then we see evil win out—or so it seems.

Just remember two things: First, we are to work as unto God, not men (Col. 3:23); second, our ultimate Authority has already won the war (John 16:33).

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