Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Sharing with Those Who Teach (Galatians 6:6)

Today's scriptures: Galatians 6:6

I had to read today’s verse a couple of times to understand its true meaning. At first, I read it as those of us who have been taught the word are to share the word with others.

Then I read it again, and that’s not what this verse says. Of course, we are to share the good news of salvation through Jesus’ death and resurrection with others, but read this particular verse again.

It’s telling us that we’re to be sharing “all good things with the one who teaches” us.

Paul’s telling us that we’re to share what we have with our pastors, our teachers, our priests. I believe this means we’re to support those who instruct us. And that means through our treasures and our time.

When you put your tithe in the offering basket, do you do so joyfully knowing that part of your gift supports the basic living needs of your pastor and his family? Have you ever invited your pastor and his family for a summer bbq? Or offered to babysit his kids so he and his wife could have a much-needed evening alone?

Those who teach us have devoted their lives to learn about the Bible, about faith, about God. And they work hard. They study. They write. They counsel. They visit the infirm.

And they deserve our support—financially and otherwise.

Do you share all good things with your pastor/teacher? Your prayers. Your time. Your money. Your gratitude.

Something to think about.

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