Thursday, October 20, 2016

This Amazing Creation (2 Peter 1:4)

Today’s scripture: 2 Peter 1:4

Oh, what an amazingly gracious and loving God we serve! He, knowing the choice Adam and Eve would make, still created them. He, knowing the choices we’d make, still created us. He gave us a beautiful world. He made trees and flowers, seas and mountains. So much to bring us joy. He loves us that much.

My husband and I love to explore our beautiful nation. In 2010, we drove up the California coast through the Redwoods up in to Oregon and then down through Yosemite. The towering, majestic trees. The roaring ocean. The magnificent, awe-inspiring mountain peaks. And then in 2011, we visited Zion and Bryce National Parks in southern Utah. And since we moved to East Tennessee, we’ve been able to see more of God’s amazing creation.

Words just can’t describe …

Such beauty. Created just for me. Just for you.

But creating this beautiful world isn’t the most amazing thing. Instead of giving us what we deserve—divine punishment—He gives us what we don’t deserve—His divine nature.

He loves us so much He wants to make us more and more like Jesus Christ, God the Son. He gives us His written word. He gives us brothers and sisters in Him. And He molds and refines us daily to be “partakers of the divine nature.”


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