Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hope in the Resurrection (Acts 24:15)

Today’s scripture: Acts 24:15

Eternal life is for everyone—both those who follow Jesus and those who don’t. And so two things come to mind:

Followers of Jesus can be confident of heaven.

Followers of Jesus need to be bold in sharing this hope with others.

Think of it this way: If someone told you that they had the cure for cancer, wouldn’t you share it with everyone? If someone told you that they’d found a way to help a paraplegic walk again, wouldn’t you run as fast as you could to help that friend in a wheelchair?

We have the greatest news for everyone, the hope that comes in knowing that we can one day be resurrected to live with Jesus forever.

Why wouldn’t we do everything we could to let people know about this great news? Why wouldn’t we share this hope with everyone?

Maybe it’s not a question of why wouldn’t we. Maybe it’s a question of why don’t we.

Again, if we would share a cure for cancer, we should even more share the hope of the resurrection.

Do you believe that the hope we can have in the resurrection is great news? Ask God to give you boldness to share this great news with others, so that they can have the same hope.

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