Monday, June 05, 2017

By Grace Given ... (Romans 12:3)

Today’s scripture: Romans 12:3

A few days ago, we looked at how grace should make us humble. Today’s verses share similar theme.

By grace, we are saved.

By grace, we are children of God.

By grace, we are given gifts to serve God and others.

Everything we are, everything we have, everything we can do … these are all gifts of grace.

So why do we think that we are so important? That we accumulated all we have? That we can do what we do?

We are nothing without God. We have nothing without God. We can do nothing without God.

It is only by God’s abundant grace and overwhelming love—both so underserved—that we experience the amazing blessings we do.

To think “more highly” of ourselves than we should is basically saying that grace is meaningless.

How tragic …

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