Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Be Prepared! (2 Corinthians 9:1-5)

Today’s scripture: 2Corinthians 9:1-5

Are you prepared?

I recently relocated from Southern California, where we experienced earthquakes periodically. Each time another earthquake occurred, everyone talked about being prepared: Do you have an earthquake kit, including plenty of water, food, flashlight, etc.? Do you have a communication plan, with an out-of-area contact? Do you have an “escape” plan to get you back home?

Now that I live in an area prone to thunderstorms that can knock out power, the same questions apply.

My answer? Yes and no. I do have adequate food at home, but I’m not certain about water. I have kit in my car, but I’m not sure if any of the food in it is good. I certainly have out-of-area contacts, but if my cell phone doesn’t work, how will I call?

Being prepared is so very important. But even more important than being prepared for a natural disaster, we need to be prepared for eternity. And we need to help others be prepared as well.

While I may not be fully prepared for a major catastrophe, I am prepared for eternity. I have accepted the gift of salvation through a personal belief in the death, burial, and resurrection of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I have committed my life to serving God—Father, Son, and Spirit. I go to the throne of God daily and surrender myself to His purpose.

My desire now should be to help those around me who are not prepared for eternity become prepared.

Because just as an occasional earthquake is inevitable in Southern California or a severe thunderstorm in Eastern Tennessee, eternity is inevitable.

Are you prepared?

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