Tuesday, September 22, 2015

True Freedom (Galatians 5:1-13)

Today's scriptures: Galatians 5:1-13

True freedom comes through Christ. Before salvation, we were slaves to sin. We were slaves to our flesh and its desires.

But when we came to faith in Christ, we were freed from the yoke of slavery to sin. We no longer have to do what the world says to do. We don’t have to listen to the lies our flesh tells.

We are free.

But Paul makes it very clear.  Yes, we are free from sin’s grip through salvation in Christ, but we still have to be alert. We have to stand firm … and keep on doing so.

It’s a constant battle between the flesh and the spirit. And freedom in Christ does not give us license to sin as we please and then go back to Him for forgiveness. Instead, we need to focus on God’s commandments and His will so we can experience true freedom.

We can serve Christ and use the freedom we have in Him to serve Him and others.

That’s what true freedom looks like: living to glorify our Savior, doing the will of the heavenly Father.

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