Monday, August 29, 2016

Deceiving Impostors (2 Timothy 3:13)

Today’s scripture: 2 Timothy 3:13

Lately, I’ve been writing of how Paul’s prophetic words are coming to fulfillment in our generation. And today’s verse continues the theme. I think about the hundreds of religions and sects throughout our world, and the “imposters” who are deceiving others, but are also deceiving themselves.

A while ago, I read about a book written by a church leader from a mainstream denomination. In it, he apparently asserts that God really won’t sent unbelievers to hell. He also slams all evangelical Christians for being judgmental and obnoxious. Now, I won’t deny that there are many Christians who are unfortunately both—very much so. However, many of us truly love all people and realize we can’t point out splinters when we’re looking passed our planks.

But it is true that many church leaders want to soft-soap biblical truth. How often do you hear about how sin separates us from God? Not nearly as often as we should. Instead, we hear about a loving God who is just going to let us do what we want. And as long as we’re relatively good, He’ll welcome us into heaven.

That’s not what the Bible says. The only way to join our Lord God in heaven is through the acceptance of Jesus Christ’s sacrificial payment for our sin. We’re then to surrender our lives daily to God’s will. We’re to lay down our own desires and seek only His.

That’s truth. But that’s not what the imposters are saying. 

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