Monday, May 01, 2017

Faith ... Through the Whole World (Romans 1:8)

Today’s scripture: Romans 1:8

Having one’s “faith … spoken of throughout the whole world” is a daunting thought. How can my faith impact the entire world? In the same way a dropped pebble ripples through the entire pond.

As I write these words, I’m sitting on a balcony overlooking a quiet lake. There’s a slight breeze, but the water is mostly calm. Every so often, though, a bird alights, and its landing produces tiny waves that push toward shore.

I may not be able to speak to the whole world, but I pray for missionaries and support them. I serve in my church. I lead a Bible study. And each person I touch touches another … and another.

Who’s to say that this simple devotional isn’t sending ripples … ripples that touch the entire world.

You have the same opportunity. You may serve in a small community, but you touch lives … and they touch lives … and they touch lives … until the whole world has been impacted by your faith. Your faith.

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