Monday, May 22, 2017

Full of Grace and Truth (John 1:14)

Today’s scripture: John 1:14

It’s a mystery beyond human comprehension. God, who created the universe with a word, chose to come to earth and take human form.

He chose to walk among those He Himself created.

He chose to experience what we do: weariness, pain … betrayal and rejection.

He knew He would … and He did it anyway.

For flawed, fleshly us. For those who accept Him … and for those who don’t.

I don’t understand it. I honestly don’t. If I were Him (and we can all be really happy I’m not!), I would have had a much different plan. Certainly, not one where I’d sacrifice myself for … well, for someone like me.

But that’s grace. That’s how much He loves us. Even knowing who we’d be, our God—“full of grace and truth”—came to earth … for us.

It’s a mystery …

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