Thursday, May 11, 2017

Saving Grace (Acts 15:11)

Today’s scripture: Acts 15:11

We are unworthy of grace. We really are.

We are born sinful, and, without grace, we deserve to die in our sins.

But again, grace isn’t about what we deserve. It’s about what our loving God chooses to do in spite of our unworthiness. It’s about how the Creator of all things, Sovereign God, looks upon His created beings and says, “I want to be in relationship with you; I want to be in fellowship with you.”

And even though we really don’t deserve it, that’s exactly what we can have when we ask for forgiveness and surrender our lives to Jesus Christ.

We are saved through grace, and we—the created—are in relationship with God—the Creator.

It’s mind-blowing and awe-inspiring that we are loved that much.

Are you in awe of what the Creator has done for you? Sit in silence for a moment and just meditate on grace. God’s grace for you.

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