Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Contentment ... (1 Timothy 6:6)

Today’s scripture: 1 Timothy 6:6

Oh … contentment. Such a difficult concept for many of us, especially we who live in the United States. Our society is saturated with “bigger is better” and “supersize me” (although I understand if you saw the movie with the latter’s name, you’d never think the former, at least when it comes to food!).

We have a perfectly serviceable car, and then our neighbor gets a brand-new, bright, and shiny auto. And we want one too.

Our home is lovely and more than adequate … but then we visit a friend’s new house. It’s bigger. It has the latest and greatest countertops and hardwood floors. And suddenly, our little home just doesn’t seem … enough.

And sadly, the spouse we’ve been married to for ten years one day does something that irritates us—again—and that new coworker, who treats us with respect, looks suddenly much more interesting.

Contentment—being satisfied with what we have—can be really hard to grasp.

I struggled with it for years. Even after I recommitted my life to the Lord over 22 years ago, I still couldn’t seem to be truly content. And I’d often make myself miserable.

Then, finally, several years ago, I surrendered everything to God. I was really struggling with my health, and it shadowed everything else in my life. And so nothing seemed to bring me any joy. And when I finally said, “Take it all, Lord. Take my job, my home, my relationships, my stuff. It’s all Yours anyway.”

Now, I do sometimes wish for something else … but I find, I actually wish for less, not more. I want to simplify, declutter, value what’s really important. And even when things aren’t exactly what I’d hoped for, I can honestly say I’m usually content.

And in being so, I find joy, even in the difficult times. I still live with daily pain, and some days it’s really hard to find that contentment. But when I surrender again, God gives me peace … and contentment.

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