Thursday, July 28, 2016

Promises, Promises (2 Timothy 1:8-11)

Today’s scripture: 2 Timothy 1:8-11

I’m not sure where to begin. These four verses contain so much to encourage! But I want to focus on three great promises.

We have been saved. If you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and have committed your life to Him, you are saved. The old fleshly self has died, and you are being transformed into the new creature God has designed you to be. There is nothing you can do on your own to be saved. It is truly a gift from God. He is so gracious and so merciful that He desires all to be saved—but He’s also so loving that He gives us the choice.

We have been called with a holy calling. Each of us has been called to serve God uniquely. He has blessed us with gifts that we can use to serve Him and others. Paul was a “preacher and an apostle and a teacher.” Others of us are encouragers or are merciful or are hospitable. It doesn’t matter what your gift is as long as you use it to bring glory to our God

We will live eternally with God—Father, Son, and Spirit. Oh, this is the greatest promise of all! If you’ve given your life to Christ, you will never really die. The flesh you live in now will certainly die and decay, but your soul, the true you, will live forever in the presence of the Sovereign Lord God.

I pray you’ve accepted the gift of salvation. I pray you’re using the gifts God has blessed you with. And I pray you’re anticipating eternity with God with joy.

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