Monday, December 12, 2016

The State of the Heart (James 4:1-3)

Today’s scripture: James 4:1-3

We truly are fleshly, fallen creatures, and James perfectly captures the state of our hearts. We want what we want. And many of us do pretty much anything in order to get what we want.

Not too long ago I read an article written by a “ghostwriter.” Most people know that a ghostwriter writes another person’s story and that other person gets the credit. This particular person gets paid by graduate students to write their papers for them. They then turn them in to get credit. Sad, isn’t it? But what was really tragic? Many of his “customers” are seminary students …

Truly sad …

Then those of us who selfishly seek what we want complain when God doesn’t answer our prayers. Perhaps we should memorize verse three of today’s passage. We don’t receive answers to our prayers because we’re asking with “wrong motives.” Instead of praying for God’s will, no matter what that might be, we pray for our will.

We want a better-paying job, not so we can better support our families or give more to God’s word, but so we can buy a bigger house, a luxury car, and a summer cottage.

We pray for a change of heart in our spouse, instead of praying for a change in our own.

God does answer prayer. Always. But He knows our motives. He knows our selfishness. And He’s going to say “no” when what we’re asking for isn’t within His will.

When you pray today, ask Him for whatever you want. However, make sure you’re asking with right motives. And make sure you’re asking for His will—over and above your wants.

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