Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Lie Down in Peace (Psalm 4:8)

Today’s scripture: Psalm 4:8

The night can bring fear and anxiety. Too often we lie in bed, tense and frantic as we rehash the events of today and worry about what's coming tomorrow.

We fret about the stock market, our jobs, our spouses, or our kids. Or all of the above. We worry about distant wars and too-close-for-comfort crime.

We watch the news or peruse the Internet just before we turn out the lights.

And then we lie in the dark ... and sleep won't come.

Worst-case scenarios overflow. What-if's run rampant.

We wonder how we'll survive the night.

I can only speak for myself, but the only way I've found to combat fear in the night is to pray. Seriously. I know I'm not in control of anything, so when I go to the One who is in control, the One I truly trust, then more often than not, I feel peace as I let go of worry, anxiety, and fear.

Do you sometimes feel anxious at night, thinking about all the troubles of the day? Reflect on what it means to be able to sleep in peace, trusting in God’s safe-keeping.

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