Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Lord Gives Peace (Numbers 6:24-26)

Today’s scripture: Numbers 6:24-26

The people of Israel, God’s chosen people, were the most fickle folks around. The entire book of Exodus tells of God’s provision for them: He took them out of slavery in Egypt; He provided food in the form of quail and later manna; He guided them both night and day; and He promised them that He would lead them to the land of milk and honey that He’d promised.

You would think that they would be grateful, but time and time again, they complained and rebelled and outright sinned.

But God continued to love them and bless them and provide for them. In the book of Numbers, God gave Moses a blessing to give to the people. God’s words are written in today’s scripture.

No matter what His people did, God still wanted to bless them and keep them. He wanted to shine His glory upon them. He wanted to be gracious to them. And He wanted to give them peace.

And you know something? He wants the same for you. He wants to bless you and give you grace. And He wants to give you peace.

Do you sometimes think that you’re so far gone that peace just isn’t yours for the asking? Guess what? You can never be so far away from God that you can’t find His blessing, His grace, or His peace. You just have to ask. 

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