Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pursue Peace (2 Timothy 2:22)

Today’s scripture: 2 Timothy 2:22

We live in a crazy, mixed-up, upside-down world. We watch television, read the latest People™ magazine or read the newest Internet headline, and we’re told that riches and beauty will bring us happiness and peace.

Movie stars and rock musicians and sports heroes buy their homes and jewels and Jaguars and tell us that life is just one big party. Drinking and drugs and sex. That’s what’s going to bring us satisfaction and fulfillment.

And tragically, many of us buy into that—even people who calls themselves followers of Christ.

Let me tell you something: None of that will bring happiness. Or satisfaction. Or fulfillment. And none of it will certainly bring any peace.

Peace, true peace, only comes from God.

And how do we pull our gaze from the things this world throws at us? We “flee” from them. We run just as hard and as fast as we can in the opposite direction.

And where do we run?

We run to the God of peace, and we “pursue” those things that are gifts from God. We confess our sins and failings to Him, and we receive righteousness, faith, love . . . and yes, peace.

Have you been caught up with the world’s party? Join the best party in the universe. Seek God, and receive the peace that will fill your heart to overflowing.   

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