Wednesday, April 12, 2017

God's Eyes Are on the Faithful (Psalm 101:6)

Today’s scripture: Today’s scripture: Psalm 101:6

I’ve always love Psalm 139 where the psalmist states that God is aware of everything about us … and has been since before our births.

I love the confidence that comes knowing God sees me … at all times. I’m never alone. Never forgotten. Never forsaken.

God sees me in my pain and in my rejoicing. He carries me through the hard times and dances with me through the times of celebration. He sometimes weeps with me … and often laughs with joy.

His eyes are always on me.

Now, some may find this disconcerting … or downright frightening.

But, if we are faithful to Him and seek His will, we need not fear His ever-presence. No, we can find true assurance and joy knowing we are in His sight at all times.

How does knowing God’s eyes are on you make you feel? If you are anything other than joyful at this thought, go to Him now and confess anything that keeps you from that joy.

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