Thursday, April 06, 2017

Preserved by Faith (Psalm 31:23)

Today’s scripture: Psalm 31:23

Do you ever have those days when you feel … just out of it? Just messy or lost or frustrated … or defeated?

Sometimes, I feel all of the above. I feel unworthy and flawed and … well, in keeping with today’s verse, unpreserved …

To preserve, according to one on-line dictionary, means “to keep safe from injury, harm, or destruction.”

And on those days, I need a reminder that God preserves me. He protects and guides me. He covers me and holds my hand.

He does, however, ask me for something. He asks me to be faithful and to love Him. He asks me to trust in His sovereign, loving control.

He asks me to humbly seek Him in all things.

Then He promises to preserve me, to keep me safe.

Are you feeling a bit unpreserved today? Go to the faithful One who promises to preserve you.

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