Monday, April 10, 2017

Healing by Faith (Matthew 9:20-22)

Today’s scripture: Matthew 9:20-22

I love this story. It’s been a favorite example of faith of mine for a very long time.

I can picture this woman vividly. She has been suffering from a “flow of blood” for over a decade. This means that, not only has she been physically ill, but she has also been shunned by society according to Levitical law.

She is in pain … physically, emotionally, and, likely, spiritually.

One day, we’re not told how, she learns of Jesus and His healing hand. And she takes a risk—a huge risk. She ventures out into the very society that called for her separation, and she slinks up to Jesus.

“If I just touch the hem of His robe,” she thinks, “then I will be healed.”

And that’s exactly what happens. She touches Jesus’ robe, and she is immediately healed.

And even more, she hears the most precious words from Jesus Himself: “Be of good cheer, daughter.”


Can you imagine the joy she now feels? She is not only healed, but she is called the daughter of the Healer!

Sometimes, the Healer heals the body. Sometimes, He heals the heart.

If you are hurting today, go to the Healer. While He may not heal your body, He will heal your heart.

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