Monday, April 17, 2017

Mustard Seed Faith (Matthew 17:20)

Today’s scripture: Matthew 17:20

You’ve probably heard the term: mustard seed faith. You know, the kind of faith that moves mountains.

Yet, how many times have you felt your faith is strong, but the mountains remain unmoved? Is your faith just not strong enough?

I think there’s more than meets the eye. In the words of the great theologian Spurgeon:

The eye cannot see itself. Did you ever see your own eye? In a mirror you may have done so, but that was only a reflection of it. And you may, in like manner, see the evidence of your faith, but you cannot look at the faith itself. Faith looks away to itself to the object of faith, even to Christ.
The object of our faith.

These are key words. In whom do we place our faith? In ourselves? In others? In society? In science?

Everyone has faith in something … or someone.

When we have faith in the One True God, we can ask for anything within His will (1 John 5:14). And if it is within His will, mountains will move.

Take a measure of your faith. If it’s mustard-seed small, is it still planted in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ?

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