Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Sanctified by Faith (Acts 26:18)

Today’s scripture: Acts 26:18


It’s a big word. Perhaps even a confusing word. Simply put, sanctification means to be made holy.

Oh … okay. To be made holy.

But, as Shakespeare wrote, there’s the rub.

No one is holy. Not one single person. Each of us is sinful. Flawed. Unworthy.

In fact … we’re unholy.

So how are we sanctified by faith? How can we be made holy?

We are made holy by the One who is holy. The Lord God is holy, perfect, righteous. And when we come to Him in confession and accept the gift of grace through acceptance of and believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we become righteous in His eyes.

We are holy and pure and perfect.

But we are also human, and sometimes our humanity comes to the front … and we sin again.

Then we confess our sin, and we are again clean.

And holy.

Sanctification is an ongoing, until-we-get-to-heaven process. And our Lord is with us through that process.

Do you sometimes feel like you are an unholy mess? Confess your sin and let the God of grace sanctify you. Today and every day.

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