Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hope in God's Mercy (Psalm 33:22)

Today’s scripture: Psalm 33:22


Have you ever really thought what that means?

Someone has said that grace is getting what we don’t deserve, and mercy is not getting what we do deserve.

And what do we deserve?

We deserve death and eternal separation from God. We really do. We are sinful people. We are willful people. And we are deserving of death. But God loves us so much that He chose to have mercy on us. To not give us what we deserve. 

Jesus came to earth to die to pay the penalty for our sins. He came to be God’s act of mercy for us.

And because we know that God’s mercy is upon us, we can have hope. We can hope in Him. We don’t have to fear eternal death, and God’s mercy promises us that we’ll spend eternity with Him in heaven.

And quite honestly, is there anything more to hope in?

God’s mercy is everlasting, and His love for us is more than we can imagine. Spend some time thanking Him for His mercy.

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