Thursday, March 23, 2017

Rest in Hope (Acts 2:25-26)

Today’s scripture: Acts 2:25-26

Read through these verses again.

Read them slowly.

Do you see what they say? In these two short verses, there are three amazing promises, promises that help us to have hope—not only to have hope, but to rest in hope.

The first promise: The Lord is always before my face.

You know what that means? He’s always with us. We can see His face when we read His word.

The second promise: He is at my right hand.

When we walk through difficult times, He’s right there, holding our hands, walking alongside us.

The third promise: I may not be shaken.

We can have confidence that He’s right here with us, and because of that confidence, we can be strong and steady. The storms and struggles will not cause us to waver.

If you’re in the center of a storm right now, go to the one who promises that He’s with you, every moment. Remember that you can trust Him and rest in the hope of His presence.

Spend a few more minutes meditating on these promises. If you’re needing rest, ask God for it now.    

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