Friday, March 17, 2017

Hope Through Adversity (Psalm 71:14)

Today’s scripture: Psalm 71:14

Many of the psalms are written as cries from the heart.

In the verses that precede today’s, the psalmist was crying out for help from God. His enemies were at his back, looking to hurt him.

But even in the midst of his fear, he could still hope in God.

And not only could he hope in God, but he could also praise Him.

It’s one thing to have hope in difficult times. Even when things seem at their worst, we can always have hope that God will get us through, that He will provide protection, that He will be the ultimate victor.

It’s an entirely different thing to praise God in the most difficult times.

Have you ever thought about praising God even when the enemies are chasing after you?

Have you ever raised your voice in praise when you’re hurting and tired and confused?

It’s not always easy, but it can make even the hardest times more bearable because when we’re praising God, when we’re worshipping Him for the awesome God that He is, sometimes the burdens are lighter, the pain is less severe, the struggles are easier to handle.

Have hope in God at all times, but more importantly, praise Him . . . at all times.

Are you hurting right now? Are you struggling? Praise Him. Lift your voice in praise right now. And live in hope.     

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