Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hope in Affliction (Psalm 119:49-50)

Today’s scripture: Psalm 119:49-50

I’m one of many who wake up in pain every day. I suffer often severe pain from a handful of chronic health conditions as well as almost-constant chronic back pain.

It would be easy for me to whine and complain (and I have to say, sometimes I do), but over the close to 40 years that I’ve suffered from chronic pain, I’ve learned something:

When I’m walking with the Lord, when I’m trusting in His will, I have hope.

Yes, you read right. I have hope, even in the midst of my daily pain. And in that hope, I find comfort.

There was a time when my faith was almost non-existent, and when I would suffer, I had no comfort through the pain. I’d take medication and try every treatment and remedy, but I was miserable, utterly miserable.

When I recommitted my life to the Lord, I was able to give the pain over to the Lord.

He didn’t take the pain away.

I still have that chronic, daily pain, but there’s a difference now.

I can ask the Lord every for strength and comfort in the midst of the pain.

And He does. He gives me strength. And He gives me comfort.

Are you in pain or are you struggling with something today? Ask God for comfort. Ask Him to hold your hand and give you strength.

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