Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hope in the One Who Hears (Psalm 38:15)

Today’s scripture: Psalm 38:15

"Do you know what’s a huge blessing? God actually listens to us! He’s not like some people—you know the kind I’m talking about—who just appear to be listening.

"He really, truly listens to us when we talk to Him. How do I know?

"Because His word promises that He does and because He’s answered my prayers. We’ve already looked at so many truths from the Bible, and we can trust that His words are true. And the Bible tells us that He really, truly listens.

"Are there days when you feel that no one is listening to you?

"Are there times when you’re longing to share your thoughts, your feelings, and it feels as though no one hears your heart?  

"Do you often wonder if there’s anyone out there?

"There is, my friend. You have the best listener in the universe . . . waiting to hear from you. And there’s nothing you can say that will shock Him or surprise Him. You can say anything, share anything, and He will listen to you . . . and will still love you."

(excerpted from The Best Laid Plans, © 2005 Sauni Rinehart)

Have you ever thought about God listening to you? Talk to Him today, and know that He’s listening to you. 

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